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Product number: OMN.HEATHERNOVA.010
Product information "HEATHER NOVA - Pearl [BLACK VINYL]"
Heather Nova has made a beautiful, emotional, “Pearl” of a rock record. Pearl, an album of 11 outstanding songs, recorded in the mountains of Spain with veteran pro- ducer and Killing Joke bassist, Youth, follows 25 years after her chart-topping breakout album Oyster. "A pearl is hopefully what forms inside an Oyster after all the years, the accumulation of experience, the saltwater, the sand.” says Heather.

Black vinyl.

1 The wounds we bled
2 All the rivers
3 Rewild me
4 Some things just come undone
5 After all this time
6 Over the fields
7 Just kids
8 Don't worry what the experts say
9 see yourself
10 Vincent
11 Your words
Artist: Heather Nova
Color: Black
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Alternative Rock