Digipak CD. 1 Jobson's Cove 2 Want 3 Sister Blue 4 This Prayer 5 Lament (feat. Heather Nova) 6 Get Back to You 7 Oh, Virginia 8 (Sail Away) Gypsy Woman 9 Down By The Creek 10 Ideas Of March (feat. Mishka And Sara Johnston)

Heather Nova has always had a deep connection to the sea. This is perhaps inevitable when, like the singer-songwriter, you are born on one of the Bermuda Islands and spend a good part of your childhood on your parents' sailboat exploring the Caribbean. On this boat, Heather Nova also comes into contact with her parents' music collection. This consists of sixties and seventies singer-songwriter and hippie music. She also receives her first guitar as a gift on board and immediately begins to write her own songs. Over the following decades, Heather Nova releases ten successful studio albums, many of them with direct lyrical reference to the sea. There is her international breakthrough album "Oyster", its successor "Siren", "300 Days At Sea" and of course her much acclaimed band album "Pearl" from 2019. And now "Other Shores", on which Heather Nova exclusively covers songs by other artists for the first time. She herself says: "I'm a songwriter first and foremost, but over time I've realized that sometimes I also enjoy being the performer. When I record a cover version, I'm all about completely stripping away the original production of a song and exposing its bare bones." That's exactly what the singer-songwriter has done with the 13 songs on "Other Shores." The music comes across as maximally stripped down and very intimate in its delivery. In the selection of the pieces Heather Nova has obviously set no limits. From eighties stadium rock (Foreigner, Journey) to pop (Bee Gees, Rick Astley) to indie (Pixies, The National), the 55-year-old finds the perfect songs for her sound everywhere. And as a finale - of course - Rod Stewart's "Sailing". Digipak CD 1. Waiting For A Girl Like You 2. Jealous Guy 3. Stayin' Alive 4. Fireproof 5. Never Gonna Give You Up 6. Don't Stop Believin' 7. Here Comes Your Man 8. Fragile 9. Like A Hurricane 10. Cold Little Heart 11. Ever Fallen In Love 12. Message Personnel 13. Sailing

Heather Nova has made a beautiful, emotional, “Pearl” of a rock record. Pearl, an album of 11 outstanding songs, recorded in the mountains of Spain with veteran pro- ducer and Killing Joke bassist, Youth, follows 25 years after her chart-topping breakout album Oyster. "A pearl is hopefully what forms inside an Oyster after all the years, the accumulation of experience, the saltwater, the sand.” says Heather. CD in digipak. 1. The Wounds We Bled 2. All The Rivers 3. Rewild Me 4. Some Things Just Come Undone 5. After All This Time 6. Over The Fields 7. Just Kids 8. Don't Worry What The Experts Say 9. See Yourself 10. Vincent 11. Your Words

Digipak CD. Tracklist: Treehouse 5:15 Sea Glass 3:56 The Archaeologist 4:06 Girl On The Mountain 5:20 Lie Down In The Bed You've Made 3:35 On My Radar 4:33 Sleeping Dogs 4:29 Sea Change 3:49 This Humanness 4:40 I'm Air 3:55 Women's Hands 5:29 Moon River Days 4:23

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