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Product number: OMN.HEATHERNOVA.011
Product information "HEATHER NOVA - Pearl [DIGIPAK CD]"
Heather Nova has made a beautiful, emotional, “Pearl” of a rock record. Pearl, an album of 11 outstanding songs, recorded in the mountains of Spain with veteran pro- ducer and Killing Joke bassist, Youth, follows 25 years after her chart-topping breakout album Oyster. "A pearl is hopefully what forms inside an Oyster after all the years, the accumulation of experience, the saltwater, the sand.” says Heather.

CD in digipak.

1. The Wounds We Bled
2. All The Rivers
3. Rewild Me
4. Some Things Just Come Undone
5. After All This Time
6. Over The Fields
7. Just Kids
8. Don't Worry What The Experts Say
9. See Yourself
10. Vincent
11. Your Words
Artist: Heather Nova
Label/Manufacturer: Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Alternative Rock